COVID-19 Impact On Education Sector: A Short Note

By | June 1, 2020
COVID-19 Impact On Education Sector

Past few months we are in a situation which is depressing and posing the health risk for almost every country in the world. The speed at which COVID-19 is spreading is alarming and has led to the closure of many educational institutions and organizations impacting around 600 million learners at large.

Coronavirus and education

Coronavirus and education

Given such a situation, students are unable to complete their studies but we have no option left other than focusing on online education for their best. However, online education has its disadvantages due to low levels of attention time-period. The present situation of the pandemic says that there is an uncertainty when will the schools and colleges reopen. This is the month where schools and colleges hold several entrance tests and competitive exams but what will happen now? Should we forget about the new admissions in schools and colleges? Hard to say but it is a crucial time for the education sector. What do we do now?

Let’s see the impact of coronavirus on the education sector in points:

1 – All the entrance examinations including law, medical, engineering, designing courses etc. are postponed as discussed above.

2 – As the schools and colleges are closed, it can affect the working capital which could become difficult to manage with lower fee collection

3 – No sessions of student counselling now

4 – Online education is good but what about those students who couldn’t afford it or have no access to technology like phone, internet, laptop etc

5 – Fewer job offers during or after the pandemic and so

It is clear that COVID-19 has affected the education sector at large, nevertheless, countries are implementing various techniques to manage the loss especially in the education sector. We have a long-time battle to fight with the pandemic (coronavirus) but will win over it sooner or later. Stay home, stay safe everyone!!

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